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Traditional-okinawan-sweet-potato-recipe, this recipe calls for purple okinawa sweet potatoes mashed with coconut milk, garlic, sea salt (kosher salt would also be ok to use here), a dash of black pepper and, to top it all off, a dash of traditional hawaiian aloha, which is essential in any hawaiian meal.. Line bottom rack with aluminum foil to catch drippings. preheat oven to 350. wash and dry potatoes. poke a few holes in skin with a fork and place on middle rack., this is incredible. almost 70% of the calories in the traditional okinawan diet came from sweet potatoes. that according to an extensive investigation of six decades of archived population data published in 2007. 1 and that wasn't the only carbohydrate they ate. rice and beans also played prominent roles at mealtimes..

Okinawa sweet potato. the predominant protein is a type of protease inhibitor that may have cancer. i had the same problem once when my friend suggested that i give it a try. do you want to try some okinawan sweet potatoes but dont know how to cook them., hara hachi bu – eat until you’re 80% full. it’s a good lesson in moderation and self-restraint – and one of many lessons we can learn from okinawa, that legendary island of long life and extended health..

Peel the okinawan sweet potatoes and chop into 1 inch cubes. boil potatoes for 30 minutes or until soft (will turn dark purple), then drain. mash the purple potatoes while adding in coconut milk and cinnamon powder to taste. add sea salt to taste if desired., oct 29, 2015 - okinawa dishes and culture. see more ideas about okinawa, dishes, sweet home.. The okinawan magic touch. for thousands of years, okinawa has been well-known as the ‘place where you grow old.’ in fact, this stunning pacific archipelago has historically been home to some of the world’s oldest inhabitants; men live until at least 84 while women live until 90 on average.. most importantly, okinawans lead long, healthy lives, avoiding many of the common ‘old people ..., jul 13, 2015 - explore scarrymail's board "okinawa" on pinterest. see more ideas about okinawa, okinawa japan and okinawa food..

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