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Simple-slow-cooker-recipes-beef, beef stew. pot roast, pepper steak, french dip—even cabbage rolls. see all the wonders your slow cooker works with beef.. The handy slow cooker is an essential device when you’re looking to impart big, bold flavors to a dish and break down tougher cuts of meat. that’s why a crock pot or slow cooker is the perfect way to get tender beef and amazing flavor with cuts like beef shank, chuck roast, brisket, and short ribs., we're breaking up with our stoves for the season. slow-cookers are officially taking over, especially since these easy beef recipes will keep you full all winter..

Preparing a delicious beef dinner is so much easier with the help of a slow cooker.whether you're in the mood for a hearty stew or looking to cook up some delicious ribs or steaks, this marvel of the modern kitchen can make that happen!all you have to do is prep the ingredients, set the timer, and dinner will be ready when you are., try our best slow cooker beef recipes for a simple, low-stress meal. beef recipes are an excellent, budget-friendly choice for the slow cooker..

Directions. put roast beef into slow cooker. cover with soup mix. sprinkle with the black pepper. top with the three bay leaves. cook on med-low in a slow cooker for 8-9 hours-- or 3-4 hours on high.