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Pound-cake-recipe-easy, pound cake recipes see how to make pound cake from scratch the easy way. more than 150 trusted pound cake recipes with photos and reviews. inspiration and ideas tips & tricks blueberry-lemon pound cake "this recipe reminds me of one my great-grandmother made when i was young. it is a nice and heavy, moist, flavorful pound cake.. A classic pound cake recipe. pound cake is one of those old fashioned cake recipes that will always have place on my dessert table. i have created all sorts of variations on pound cake like my million dollar pound cake which includes (among other things) buttermilk to tenderize the crumb, and of course my kentucky butter cake which is a must make!. but today we’re talking about traditional ..., how do you make a pound cake from scratch? so, let’s get to it. how do you make this easy pound cake from scratch? because homemade pound cakes are such a simple creatures with simple ingredients, it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients you use, as well as the technique when making it..

Easy pound cake recipe – this simple pound cake comes together easily with ingredients you have on hand. it’s been a favorite for decades, and you don’t need any fancy equipment or pans! i use this recipe for strawberry shortcake, and for several types of trifle, including my raspberry cheesecake trifle. it turns out perfectly every time., traditional pound cake: old-fashioned, moist, and so easy to make with just 6 simple ingredients. a butter-y classic that will make you swoon!.

I think the key to this recipe is exactly that, you avoid the step of creaming the butter and sugar - it reduces the number of steps (see title of recipe) - certainly, the best recipes will always cream the butter and sugar to create the best textures, but for home cooks who are intimidated by basic baking knowledge, this recipe is a good work around that yields consistent results with less fuss., i love baking but am by no means a professional which is why i look on the internet for easy, simple recipes. at first i wasn't sure about this one b/c of just how simple it was compared to other pound cake recipes with long ingredient lists..

Quite a nice cake. i made half of this recipe as i am using the pound cake as a base for a fruit tart. i halved all the ingredients and baked the cake in the same size pan as recommended in recipe at 350 but for 45 minutes only., give your go-to pound cake recipe a breather and try one of these pound cake recipes from scratch.pound for pound, a pound cake is a dessert that certainly satisfies above its weight. a true southern favorite, these pound cake recipes are simple and delicious. the two-step pound cake is an easy-to-make recipe, best served with ice cream or fresh berries..

Easy lemon pound cake. recipe by jean1. i have used this cake for so many different things. its great if you need something at the last minute. its always comes out good. it's good just as a pound cake, without the drizzled lemon. we like it for strawberry shortcake. 182