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Homemade-easy-carrot-cake-recipe, after taking a while to review all of the carrot cake recipes on this site and others, i finally decided on this one but made a few adjustments that made the cake come out absolutely perfect.. Preparation time: 30 minutes baking time: 25-30 minutes cooling/assembly: 1 1/2 hours with a spicy sweetness, carrot cake is a favorite of many. this recipe for a classic, basic carrot cake combines the delicious flavors of cinnamon and cloves with a smooth cream cheese icing., this recipe for the best carrot cake is wonderfully moist, tender and easy to make. it’s covered in a homemade cream cheese frosting for the perfect, classic cake. and with so many ways to make this recipe your own, it’s seriously the best carrot cake around!.

This super moist carrot cake recipe is made with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. lightly spiced and blanketed in a fluffy cream cheese frosting, this is one layer cake recipe you need to make for every occasion., this semi-homemade easy carrot cake recipe is the recipe everyone will be begging you for. i have fooled everyone with this cake… it tastes 100% homemade, but i use a time saving (and flavor adding) trick… find out what secret ingredient i use to add depth and richness to my cake!.

For the exterior, i did a version of my original rosette cake.. my beautiful mother-in-law was turning 67 (she really doesn’t look a day over 45!) and so piped out 67 flowers.some are with the 1m tip (remember you can always use a 2d tip in place of the 1m) and the rest are with #27 tip from wilton., preheat oven to 350° and grease 2 - 8" round cake pans with cooking spray. in a large bowl, whisk together flour, salt, baking soda, and cinnamon..

Are you looking for the best carrot cake recipe? try this moist, homemade spice carrot cake with 3 cups of shredded carrots. top with cream cheese frosting and a sprinkling of nuts. serve in a 9x13 pan or make a layered cake., i like using all-purpose flour, but you can substitute some of the all-purpose flour for whole wheat or white whole wheat flour. for a gluten-free carrot cake, swap the flour for your favorite gluten-free flour blend. baking soda helps the cake to rise.. salt, cinnamon, and vanilla extract make the cake taste amazing.. oil keeps the cake nice and moist — any neutral flavored oil will work..

To make this carrot cake, you’ll start by mixing up your dry ingredients. one important thing when measuring out your dry ingredients is to make sure to spoon and level your flour.. you want to avoid packing the flour into the measuring cup, otherwise, you’ll end up with too much in your recipe.