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French-onion-quiche-recipe, french onion quiche is a twist on french onion soup with caramelized onions and gruyere cheese but without the soupy mess. recipe for a 5 minute homemade pie crust made in the food processor provided. i’m not a morning person. no matter how hard i try, i can’t get moving in the mornings. first thing.... Heat oven 400f degrees. thaw pastry shell for 10 minutes at room temp (do not prick the shell). bake shell for 7 minutes. reduce oven temp to 375f degrees., preheat oven to 375 degrees f (190 degrees c). step 2 over medium-low heat melt butter in a large saucepan. add onions and cook slowly, stirring occasionally, until onions are soft..

Quiche is like pizza — it can be made with almost anything. although it sounds posh, quiche one of my fridge clean-out dishes. i rummage through the crisper drawers, explore the pull-out where i keep cheese and poke through other nooks to see what needs to be used up that might taste good together., how to make it. chop onions into 1/2 inch size pieces. saute in butter until lightly golden, about 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. cool slightly.. French onion quiche recipe. kellie. super easy french onion quiche recipe is perfect for brunch! 0 from 0 votes. print recipe pin recipe. prep time 25 mins. cook time 45 mins. total time 1 hr 10 mins. course breakfast, brunch. cuisine french. servings 6. calories 335 kcal. ingredients . 1x 2x 3x., microwave pie shell for 2 minutes on high; turn dish and cook 2 minutes more. (prick pie shell with a fork before cooking.) cook bacon and crumble..

Bake crust in 450 degree oven for 7-8 minutes or until golden. reduce oven temperature to 325 degrees. while pastry is still warm, fill bottom with 1 1/2 cups french fried onions. reserve remaining 1/2 cup for garnish., ever wake up in the morning with a craving for a specific food? this morning it was quiche, specifically an onion quiche. to my dear father who turned up his nose at this masterpiece, mumbling something about real men, i say, “phooey.”. kudos to my brother ed, who almost made up for dad’s transgression, by saying just “damn good” after inhaling a piece at dinner..

There are so many quiche lorraine recipes floating around, at first i thought, “why bother doing another one?” but then i realised that quiche lorraine is a french dish, so let’s get down and reveal those basic french techniques that make this recipe such a classic! to make the pastry crust for a quiche, it’s easy to just pop the flour and butter in a food processor, pulse for a few ...