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Eggplant-chips-air-fryer-recipe, place the eggplant chips in or on the air fryer making sure they are not crowded, then allow it to do the cooking. bake at 400 f for 30 minutes till slightly crispy and browned. if you are using an counter top air fryer please see the air fryer cooking time. remove and allow to cool down 15 minutes prior to serving.. Preheat air fryer to 375°. in a shallow bowl, whisk eggs. in another shallow bowl, mix cheese, wheat germ and seasonings. trim ends of eggplant; cut eggplant lengthwise into 1/2-in.-thick slices., slice eggplant into 1/2-inch rounds, then cut each round into 1/4-inch sticks. pat dry..

These air fryer eggplant chips are healthy, low carb and easy to make. they are made with just a few simple ingredients, that being of olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper, garlic powder and parmesan cheese.they will have you rethinking your snack craving and having you eating healthier., place breaded eggplant rounds in the air fryer basket, making sure they are not touching; work in batches if necessary. cook for 8 to 10 minutes, flip each round, and cook until desired crispiness is achieved, 4 to 6 minutes more.. Set your air fryer to 300 degrees, and preheat it for 5 minutes before adding in your eggplant. slice your eggplant into ½ inch sections. you can remove the skin at this point as well if you prefer. pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil over your sliced eggplant in a bowl., preheat oven to 250°. use a cooking rack on top of a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan in oven. you will put fried slices here to stay warm and crisp until time to serve..

Ingredients. eggplant, cut into "fries" 2 eggs + 2 tbl. cold water, whisked 2 cups of white flour 2 cups of unseasoned bread crumbs, this week the theme is eggplant dishes. a vegetable not much liked by my daughter but others at home love this. made the regular fried eggplant but in a healthier way. thanks to my air.

Air fryer eggplant parmesan is a deliciously healthy version of a restaurant classic. it is made easily and quickly in the air fryer and is perfect served with salad or pasta. suitable for gluten free diets.