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Dragon-age-storage-chest-mod, spawns a storage chest at the party camp.. This modification for the dragon age origins game adds a storage chest to the parties camp. it also illustrates how to add objects to the into the world., meranne's camp storage adds 4 storage containers and an altar that provides 'material' leveling functionality. the altar provides the options for the gw to level 1) the equipment that she/he is wearing, 2) all inventory in the backpack 3) scrolls that can be given to companions to level the equipment that they are wearing.. Nope i was just correcting you as you said there was no camp storage chest in any version of the game which was incorrect. what version i have is open for debate as ea seem to think i have ultimate edition but the box clearly sais collectors edition., dragon age: origins - campsite storage bin. spawns a storage chest at the party campsite. only works in the main camp, some versions where combat or cutscenes taking place near a camp will not have a storage chest working properly..

In dragon age: origins - awakening a party storage chest is located in vigil's keep - throne room. the contents of the chest at soldier's peak are not automatically imported to awakening., for dragon age: origins on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled "camp storage chest by dev released"..

The easier thing is simply not to pick up all the garbage along the way, seeing as most loot is crap. if you don't have soldiers keep for extra storage, or if you just think it it should have been included from the outset get a mod like misha the hoarder who is party storage for your camp.