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Best-easy-mashed-potatoes-recipe, bring a pot of salted water to a boil. add potatoes and cook until tender but still firm, about 15 minutes; drain. step 2 in a small saucepan heat butter and milk over low heat until butter is melted.. Prep and cook after scrubbing and peeling the potatoes, i cut them into 2-inch cubes, place them in a large saucepan or dutch oven, and cover with cold water, plus about 1/2 inch more.i cook them over medium heat until they come to a full boil, then reduce the heat, and let them simmer about 15 minutes until they are tender., step 1 bring a pot of salted water to a boil. add potatoes; cook until tender but still firm. drain and return to stove over low heat to dry for 1 to 2 minutes..

Drain and steam: once they are fork tender, drain water completely from the pot and leave potatoes in the pot, covered with a lid, for about 10 minutes. this allows them to steam and dry, which helps us achieve a fluffy texture when they’re mashed. season: add butter, milk, sour cream and seasonings. mash. use a potato masher to mash the big potato pieces, and then use an electric mixer to ..., in a large pot, cover potatoes with water and add a generous pinch of salt. bring to a boil and cook until totally soft, 16 to 18 minutes. drain and return potatoes to pot. use a potato masher to....

Description. these homemade mashed potatoes are perfectly rich and creamy, full of great flavor, easy to make, and always a crowd fave. see notes above for tips and possible recipe variations., place potatoes in large saucepan; add enough water to cover. add 3/4 teaspoon of the salt. bring to a boil. reduce heat to medium-low; cover loosely and boil gently for 15 to 20 minutes or until potatoes break apart easily when pierced with fork..

Pour in melted butter, salt, and warm cream. use a hand held mixer on a medium speed until the potatoes are whipped and butter is incorporated, about 2-3 minutes, max., the best mashed potatoes are easier than you think! these easy mashed potatoes are made extra smooth and creamy thanks to a couple of simple ingredients, plus, the trick to the lightest, fluffiest potatoes ever!. homemade mashed potatoes have got to be one of my all-time favorite comfort food side dishes..

How to make mashed potatoes. mashed potatoes are super simple to make with very few ingredients. you can make them in the crock pot or instant pot, but i really do think the best mashed potatoes are a simple classic.. the real key to making the best creamy mashed potatoes is to get the consistency right.